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I absolutely love my job, especially when I get studs like this to write about. Holy shit! What a hot fucking man. South African BJ has the most amazingly chiselled abs, beautiful cock and gruff good looks; and he's sharing his naked body with us over at UK Naked Men. There's a picture of him standing completely nude and he's got his fist wrapped around the head of his cock; what's revealed is impressively thick and mouth watering. I wonder if BJ is his name or an invitation? When he finally removes his hand, his cock is impressive. A meaty piece hanging between his legs, and his foreskin is collared behind his juicy cock head, which is deliciously fat. He's got a tight untanned ass, and I hear that the UK Naked Men cameramen were tenting in their pants as BJ worked his magic. God I miss the days when they had fluffers in gay porn, now there's a job I'd like to have!

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