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Trey Turner is an exotic mix of Island spices -- part Puerto Rican and part Filipino, he sure does make your heart swoon. Thank you Extra Big Dicks! Trey is a tall stud and he's gay. Trey is versatile and in a relationship, and he usually ends up topping more than he receives. And I guess so -- why let that beautiful 8-inch cock go to waste? But at only 20 years old, he's still exploring his sexuality and he has many fantasies still to be explored, like a threeway and some daisy-chain fucking with Try in the middle! Trey 6-feet tall and weighs in at 208, but in spite of his size, he's still quite adorable, don't you think? He's a cute guy, good looking with a friendly smile. He's wearing some face scruff and his chest is filling out nicely with fur. But that 8-inch cock of his is really the main attraction. It's deliciously long and super thick at the base; nothing like a extra grunt on those last couple of inches as Trey's sliding deep inside your ass! He lies back on the sofa and jacks off, sending a vigorous load of milky spunk all over his smooth belly. And I have a feeling it won't be long before Trey experiences that threesome, and if I know Extra Big Dicks, we'll be seeing it, too!

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