With his bad-ass look, Angel kind of looks like Pierre Fitch if Fitch joined a gang. This motorcycle stunt-rider from Arizona has some awesome attitude, a chiseled body and a nice, thick cock that is sporting a prince albert piercing. It's not a huge cock, but it's got a strong banana-curve to it. Angel has a lean and smooth body, very hard and getting some hot definition to it as he continues working out. He's covered in tattoos and piercings. He's got a couple of stars tattooed on his upper chest and a big, swirling R with angelic wings on his side. He's got some chin scruff that's pretty hot. And his ears, tongue, nipples and cock are pierced. He's got a sexy treasure trail of hair rising from his pubic area to his belly button. And when this guy strips out of his baggy short and t-shirt to jack off, he's looking pretty hot. He wears his baseball cap through the whole session, only taking it off to put on a touque. And that cock of his shoots a pretty nice, creamy load of cum. Angel is definitely one of my favourite Next Door Males, and I'd love to see him head over to Next Door Buddies to pull one off with another guy.

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