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I don't know if "hot" is a strong enough word to describe this muscle hunk. I sucked a lot of wind when Mike Matters popped up on my screen. Words like magnificent, gorgeous, stunning, breath-taking, beautiful, and sexy all come to mind. But I didn't want to gush too much. But seriously, I see a lot of guys in my travels writing for this blog; and I have to say that Mike Matters is probably the most gorgeous man I've seen all month.

When reading his bio, I wasn't surprised to learn that this tanned hunk comes from Canada and he's bilingual. Quebec has some of the most good-looking guys in Canada. Can you imagine this stud whispering dirty talk in your ear in French. Fuck me! That would almost be too much to bear.

With sexy good looks and a hard, muscular body like this, it's not surprising to discover that Mike is a stripper. If I had a body like this I'd be shedding my clothes anywhere and everywhere I could. But there's more to Mike than a hot body and a delicious cock; he spends a great deal of time working out (surprise, suprise) and he loves spending time working in his shop building race cars.

So that means Mike is good with tools and knows how to use his hands ... you know where this is going, don't you? I'm sorry, I'm just all giddy and can't avoid going to the lowest common denominator. Yes, Mike has a wonderfully delicious uncut cock and he puts it to good use in his premiere jerk-off video at Next Door Male. I know what I'm going to be doing when I'm finished writing this post - how about you?

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