Oftentimes when I blog it's all about the cock, the cum shot, the cock sucking scene, the ass fucking. And in fact, I'm not alone, that's what most of gay porn focuses on. But don't you think it's just as hot watching a couple of men kissing? I mean, look at this picture, dark-haired and scruffy Kurt Johnson holds big-dicked Remy Delaine in a hot embrace as the two kiss. Look at how Kurt's hands cup Remy's hot bubble butt. And Remy removes his cowboy hat so he can get in closer for a hot kiss. And they're both completely naked and standing in a field, shaded by a tree from the hot Australian sun. In this gallery, these two hot men move to a tree and, leaning against it, they continue their passionate kissing session. There's just not enough kissing in gay porn. I'm not sure why because I think it's one of the hottest parts of gay sex, watching two guys getting to know one another. Kissing, but feeling with their hands to see what other parts of a guy's body respond. There's some hot cock sucking in this gallery, too, and Kurt nails Remy against the tree and rims his ass before Kurt gets on his knees for some Remy Delaine big dick. But I'm going to go back and linger on the passionate kissing series of pictures.

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