Naked Irish Guy

Chase is a hot guy, but you don't really see it until he strips out of his clothes. He starts off this scene wearing a pair of loose-fitting trousers and t-shirt, and he actually looks a bit ho-hum. But when this 30-year-old old peels off his shirt, a sexy bad boy starts to emerge, and things perk up. Chase has a solid and well-built body and his chest is covered in closely-cropped hair. And this boy has himself some tattoos. His left arm is sleeved in ink, and his right arm has some tattoo work as well. Both of his nipples are pierced, and under his navel he's sporting another tattoo with a Playboy bunny punctuating the words. When he slides down his pants, he reveals a loose pair of boxers and his cock is stiffening up. Chase loves having sex in front of an audience - he once fucked a girl in a girl with fifteen people watching - so jacking off online in front of thousands of guys is a big turn-on to Chase. And this straight, Irish guy has a beautiful pair of muscular legs. If you're a leg guy, you're going to love Chase's. After stripping naked, Chase sits down on a bench in the locker room and starts working that cock of his. Not knowing if anyone is going to walk in on him, Chase continues pumping until he dumps a load all over his thigh.



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