Blogging here has fostered a new-found love for the younger male. I've always been attracted to older men and guys my own age, but I started to notice that after I hit forty, the odd younger male started turning my eye. I suppose that's the natural progression of things. I sure don't think I'd ever become one of those youth-struck men with a youngin' hanging off my arm, but when previously I used to totally ignore them, now I take the odd look -- and sometimes more. Brett here is an absolute cutie. He's a beefy 19-year-old wrestling coach. Good Lord, 19 years old, where is my head? And he looks pretty hot in his wrestling singlet. I've choosen to show you a picture of his big, fact cock instead. But believe me, he looks just as scorching in his blue, skin-tight singlet. And he shows quite a nice package, too. Brett looks like he's a little guy, probably about 5'8" but he's a solid guy. And his cock is really quite average to look at when it's soft, but when that baby gets hard -- holy fat cock head, Batman! Nice piece of meat. And when he unloads, he shoots three great gobs of cum right up the center of his belly and chest. Ah youth, it sure is grand.

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