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Tristan Bull is gorgeous, isn't he? He's 22 years old and works as a stripper, so look for him at a local club near you. He does regular tours hauling his hot body all over North America. Tristan loves his body and he wanted to show it off in a bigger way, so he decided to pose for Next Door Male. And I'm sure glad he did. He's got a perfectly ripped torso with rounded and powerful shoulders, bulging biceps, and chiseled pecs and abs. And if you're a leg man, watch out! Tristan has a powerful set of thighs. For this scene, Tristan starts by slowly stripping in the bedroom. And when he's completely naked, he lies on the bed and begins stroking his 8-plus-inch cock. He heads into the shower to cool down a bit; and under the spray of water, he worships his body, lathering and soaping up and jerking his big dick a bit more. When he's ready to shoot his load, he heads back to the bedroom and lies on the floor . After furiously pumping his cock, he spreads his legs, and unloads his balls all over his perfectly chiseled abs.



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