I see a lot of hairy men and every once in a while I find one that really turns my crank. This crank turner is Steve Cruz and he lives in San Francisco and he's the latest update over at Hairy Boyz. I really wanted to show you a picture of Steve in his bright blue underwear briefs because he looks so hot in them, but I'd be mean if I didn't show you his beautiful cock. It's a nice fat one, don't you think? And Steve keeps his balls shaved, which I love. I don't mind hairy nuts, but I really love sliding my tongue across a nice tight set of smooth balls. Steve's got a hot, hairy body and a thick, blue Celtic armband tattoo. He's also sporting some nice five o'clock shadow, which I find terribly sex. And wait until you see Steve's ass. It's hard, round, and covered in fur, and he doesn't shave his butt hole either. There are some pretty hot pictures of him down on all fours and showing us his hairy fuck hole. Steve's been busy shooting some movies for Raging Stallion Studios, so we're going to be seeing this hot hairy man in action soon -- and I'm hoping he's a bottom. I want to see that hairy ass getting fucked.

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