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Dennis is taking to guy-on-guy sex like a fish to water. This 30-year-old straight guy first appeared on Sean Cody a few months back. He lives in the Midwest and says that he's quite conservative ... from the neck up. Below the belt, this self-proclaimed straight guy likes a little adventure and he's open to try new things. Apparently these days new things doesn't mean fucking your girl on the kitchen table. So far Dennis has fucked two guys on Sean Cody, and today's scene with Pete makes three. "It's not something I'm used to," he tells Sean Cody. "But it's definitely fun watching another guy get off." When Sean Cody introduced Dennis to Pete, Dennis said, "He's cute." Another "new thing" for a "straight" guy, I guess. Dennis has a hot, athletic body and that's a good thing because Sean Cody likes to get creative with sexual positions. Just look at these hot guys fucking. You've got to have strong abs to fuck up into a guy who is squatting over you! But Dennis does it perfectly. He finally gets Pete on his back and fucks him the good old fashioned way until the blond stud empties his balls all over his smooth stomach. I'm going to be watching Sean Cody to see how many more guys this "straight" guy is going to fuck.

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