Hot Cumshot

What a hot cumshot. This is Rey Gold and he's just returned to Next Door Male after a year-long absence, and as you can see in this picture, it was worth the wait. Rey's a blaster. Can you see the big blob of cum on his upper chest? You know what they say, "Watch out for the first squirt, it's a blaster!" After his first appearance, Next Door Male was flooded with requests to have him back for another session. Unfortunately, Rey's been out of town, so it's only now that they've been able to feature this cutie again. At 21 years old, Rey has a great body -- toned and muscular in all the right spots. In this video, Rey is looking at a nudie magazine out on the front porch of his house. He starts to get aroused and he slowly unzips his pants and starts to tease his hardening cock. But then, he realizes where he is so he goes inside for a more private session. He jumps in the shower and gets his cock really hard. And when he's sufficiently excited and wants to blow his load, he heads for the sofa in the living room. And the result? Well, you can see for yourselves.

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