Hot Cocksucker

Jeremy Fox is the cute, dark-haired guy getting his dicked sucked in this cocksucking montage from Next Door Buddies. He heard an interesting rumour about Parker London: apparently Parker and his girlfriend are thinking about having a threesome--maybe with another dude. Jeremy has been looking for an opportunity to bone is straight buddy, but how do you bring something like that up? So Jeremy headed over to Parker's house to check out the rumour, and of course, he's going to use this to his sexual advantage. Jeremy offers to give Parker a private tutorial session, you know, so he doesn't look silly in front of his girlfriend. Turns out that Parker doesn't need a whole lot of instruction, he's a pretty good cocksucker. He nurses on Jeremy's cock like it's a five cent Popsicle on a hot August day. But Jeremy wants a lot more than a blowjob, so he bends Parker over an ottoman, grabs a fist full of hair, and fucks the tattooed stud's ass. It's pretty hot.

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