Hot Bald Guy

Jay is a good ole country boy and having just turned 30, he just squeaks through and joins the hot line-up of men at Men Over 30. He still has a trace of that back-home-twang. And in his first thirty years he's done an interesting variety of things - a stint in the navy, a dancer, a handful of porn films. Jay's very comfortable with his baldness, keeping his head shaved clean and smooth. And as he gets naked and poses for the camera, we get a good look at his body from all sides. His shoulders are covered with a huge "Blessed" tattoo from one side to the other. And when you see his cumshot, you'll agree, he definitely is blessed. He shot well over his head and closer to the ceiling than the floor. But I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here. Jay's got a solid body with a set of lean abs and very smooth pecs. And Jay has a beautiful ass and we can see why he prefers to bottom. Actually with a round, tight, white, and perfectly-formed pair of glutes like that, Jay probably doesn't have much choice. He's likely got them lined up on any Friday night to get a crack at poking his beautiful butt.

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