Horny Blond Stud

Cameron is a 21-year-old construction worker and he's got the body to prove it. Still, in spite of the hard physical labour he does every day, he says that he still needs a daily workout pumping iron or jogging. Cameron has appeared on Next Door Male once before and he's back for another whank. He's filled out a lot more since his first visit. He's a good-looking, blond stud with beautiful blue eyes and the most perfect lips you'd ever hope to kiss. They're full and luscious, and you just know he's a good kisser. He's got a lean and tight smooth body, but his beefy legs are covered in blond hair. Although I'm generally not into blonds, I do love blond-haired legs - they look so sexy. Cameron strips out of his clothes and shows of his hot bubble butt before he starts stroking his cock. He does it in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and finally, in the bedroom. Lying back on the bed, he really gets to work. But this horny stud decides to go for a little drama in the cum shot department, standing over a coffee table and shooting a stream of juicy cum up the length of the table top.



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