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Kris Kaos lives up to his name, causing chaos wherever he goes. And this week he's stirring things up on Extra BIg Dicks. But Kris hasn't had an easy time of it. He says that when a lot of girls see his stiffening 9-inch dick, they just run the other way. He's a horny fucker and jacks off three times a day; and he loves sex wherever and whenever he can get it. And he doesn't care where or with whom -- solo jack off sessions in the bathroom, in his parents driveway in broad daylight with a bud, or at his girlfriend's house while her parents aren't home -- he's not picky and loves the excitement. So when Extra Big Dicks asked to see Kris's monster dick, he has no problem whipping out his meaty cock. His shaft is very thick and a wormy vein snakes down the length of it pumping lots of blood into that growing cock. And he's packing a nice set of low hangers, too. While Kris jacks his big dick, he also rubs his butt hole with his fingers. He seems to like it, so I'm wondering what else he likes to rub up against his fuck hole! Considering all the pumping power in a big dick like that, you'd expect Kris to splatter all over his own face, but he very carefully drops seven milky pearls just south of his navel.

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