Yesterday I wrote about Steven's huge cock from Stroke That Dick. But like the true cock sucker that I am, once I see a bigger, thicker cock, I'm moving on. Sean is the latest amateur guy posing for Xtra Inches, the Web's newest huge cock site, and they sure don't disappoint. I mean look at this monster. I thought I'd have a hard time handling Steven's big cock, but Sean's looks like it's even thicker, and it's got a wicked banana curve to boot and his cock head is deliciously fat. You won't believe the fucking bulge this guy shows off in his grey underwear briefs. He certainly must turn a lot of heads in the locker room, even before he strips those briefs off. And when he pulls his dick out of his underwear, it's a fat fucker, just lying there like a big floppy piece of sausage. He's got a huge set of nuts, too. And then his cock starts to get hard. It's unbelievable. Sean's a little guy in the height and weight department, and I just wonder when he's going to pass out as his shaft gets thicker and his cock head becomes more plump and engorged with blood. Okay, I'm feeling light-headed, enjoy!

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