I don't know how this hot, hairy man escaped my notice, I'm usually on top of these types -- well actually, I'm usually on the bottom, but you know what I mean. Ford Tuff is the latest hairy man update at Hairy Boyz and he's one of the latest appearing in a hot line-up of Raging Stallion DVDs. He's appearing in a hot new release called Manhattan and he gets his ass porked by Vin Nolan, a tough-looking bad boy with a killer cock who likes to fuck hard and rough. Ford Tuff is a cutie, he's very good-looking, with a full beard, close-cropped head, and sexy blue eyes. Ford's got a great cock, juicy and thick with a plump and suckable cock head. But what I love best about Ford is his healthy set of balls. I love a hot set of low hanging balls, the kind that you can really grab onto and hold in your hands. His balls really are huge, pretty much dwarfing his thick cock. I love sucking on a big pair of low hangers, and I particularly like holding onto them from behind while I chow down on a man's butt hole. Ford's got an amazing ass, nice and beefy and covered in hair with a hungry, hairy fuck hole. Hairy Boyz sure does know how to showcase some of the hottest fucking hairy men. I'm going to enjoy watching Ford Tuff getting fucked over and over again.

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