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You might not remember his name, but once you've seen this muscle stud's ass, you'll never forget it. I see a lot of ass throughout the course of a day's work, but I have to say that Ty LeBeouf has one of the finest in gay porn today. And Hot House has this hard bubble butt under exclusive contract. Two huge and smooth mounds of flesh with a tanline that looks like it was perfectly airbrushed, there's nothing anything else I'd rather be thinking about. You just want to get this muscle stud lying on his six pack so you can spread that bubble butt and dig deep for his delicious rosebud. But don't get too lost in that beautiful ass, the rest of Ty is pretty hot, too. He's packing a well-worked and perfectly chiseled body; he's got just the right amount of hair; and he's wearing a cheeky bit of bad-boy chin scruff. And of course, he's got a deliciously suckable stuff cock that's standing ready for attention.

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