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Christian Wilde has become one of Next Door Buddies unofficial fuck boys. They used to have a guy named Samuel who was one of their regular service men; and he sucked off a number of the straight guys and got his ass fucked regularly. But Christian Wilde has the same kind of job with Next Door Buddies, but he's in the opposite role. Lately, when Next Door Buddies has a guy who is hungry for cock, they give tall and handsome Christian a call to come over and take care of things. This week Christian is giving Dak Ramsey's ass a work over. And Dak is no stranger to Next Door Buddies either, he's fucked a couple of guys on the site before. But this time around he's offering his ass for some butt duty. The two start their sexcapade in the bedroom where they begin to kiss and undress each other. And it's not long before Dak is sucking Christian's big hard cock. With Dak lying across the bed, Christian mounts him and gets into a hot 69 cock sucking session. And once Christian's cock is rock hard, he hoists Dak's legs above his head and slides his stiff dick into his buddy's tight ass. Christian pounds him in a number of different positions before pulling out and cuming all over his hairy and tattooed friend.

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