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Marc Williams is a fine of example of body by God and dick of death. He's got the kind of body that we all wished we had - strong, rounded shoulders; bulging pecs; and a bubble butt so round that you want to grabs two fists full of flesh, spread 'em, and dive in with your tongue for a greedy rimming session.

Brandon Irons ain't bad, either. His body is pretty well built, too, but he's wearing a nice mat of fur on his chest and he's got some sexy face scruff. And he's faced with the task of taking care of Marc Williams' long, black cock in this scene from Xtra Inches.

Brandon gets on his knees and takes a crack at swallowing Marc's huge cock, and he does pretty well. But Marc has the kind of cock you like to watch sliding into a man's butt hole. Brandon lies back on the table, hoists his legs, and Marc climbs on board and feeds Brandon's ass with a hard pounding. The funny thing about this fuck scene is both of the guys are wearing black boots, which I guess some find a big turn-on, but myself, I'd prefer seeing Brandon's bare feet bouncing in the air. There's some over-the-top fucking in this scene and I really enjoyed watching this hard-bodied, black man drilling ass.

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