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I don't know how I missed this hairy hunk. I guess it has been a couple of weeks since I checked out Next Door Male. I was over the moon when I visited the straight stud site; it's not very often I find such a beautifully hairy hunk over there. Most of the Next Door Male guys are well-built, but smooth, so Mikey is a treat. Even fully clothed, and before we get a glimpse of him naked, Mickey's full, dark beard hints that he's a hairy fucker, so when he peels off his shirt, we're not disappointed. Standing his loose-fitting boxers, he lets us gaze on his solid and hairy body. A dark mat of thick hair covers his chest, but the hirsute pattern ends at the lower edge of his chiseled pecs. A hairy treasure trail teases our eye down his solid belly and disappears beneath his boxers. Mickey gets his cock excited while lying back on the sofa, but ultimately, he heads outside for the main event. Relaxing in a lounge chair, Mickey pulls on his cock and sends pearls of spunk shooting up that treasure trail!

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