Hairy Muscle Cub

What a hot-looking, hairy muscle cub. This is Joe and he's just joined the rank and file at UK Naked Men. I love that this site keeps offering us a variety of men. They don't just give us jocks, or smooth guys, or muscle guys, or thirty-something men; UK Naked Men gives us a steady stream of all kinds of hot men. Joe is a 24-year-old Brit and he stands 5'9" and weighs in at 150 pounds. His body is hairy and beefy, and his ass - well there's something to hold onto. He's a hot little fucker with an 8-inch cock. And when he pumps that dick of his hard, he's got a deliciously plump cock head. When Joe jacks off he likes holding onto his tight ball sac and the base of his cock, and then, he slides his other hand up his long pole. And I do love it when he rolls over and gives us a look at that beefy ass of his. Two strong butt cheeks just waiting to be spread, so your tongue can fight its way deep towards his fuck hole. Can you imagine waking up with this stud in your bed every morning. I sure can. It'd make morning seem so much sweeter.

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