Jake Deckard recently moved from Titan Media to Raging Stallion Studios in an exclusive gay porn star flip flop with Francois Sagat, who jumped over to Titan Media from Raging Stallion. During the shooting of Raging Stallion's Lords of the Jungle, Jake Deckard took an break from the onscreen sucking and fucking to pose for some promotional picture sets. They're featured this week on Hairy Boyz. Shot outdoors in the beautiful and lush jungles of one of the Hawaiian Islands. This is a great photo of Jake. First of all, I love the cock sucker's pose -- you know, when you're down on your knees and staring up at a man's cock. Second of all, this angle really shows off Jake Deckard's cock in quite a favour light. Not that it needs any beefing up, but sometimes the right angle can just make a dick so much more delicious. Jake's cock is long with a slight curve, and his shaft balloons into a plump and suckable cock head. Man, Jake's nob would feel great rolling around in my mouth. I can't wait to check out this set of pictures in more detail, but I also can't wait to get Lords of the Jungle in my DVD player.

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