Hairy man Adam Faust is back at Men Over 30. He's become quite the regular there, and I'm thrilled because I love him. He's such a hot, handsome, hairy fucker. And this time he's teamed up with Skyler, a 23-year-old guy with an 8-inch cock. Both Adam and Skyler are about the same height, but Adam outweighs Skyler by about 40 pounds -- he's so beefy. According to the guys at Men Over 30, it was practically love at first sight when these two men met. "Truth be told, it took considerable effort to pry them apart long enough to even load the cameras. Laying together, holding hands, just how enthralled they are with each other leaps off the screen. You can tell just from the aroma that this encounter will be a satisfying and memorable one," says Men Over 30. And I was struck by this as I looked through the pictures before watching their hot video clip. This wasn't a typical suck and fuck scene, these guys were making love. Skyler got to know every inch of Adam's hairy, muscular body with his tongue. And the young jock spends a great deal of time eating Adam's beefy ass. The finale scene is super hot with Adam straddling Skyler's chest and jacking off on him. As Adam shoots his load on Skyler's face, Skyler simultaneously shoots a big load of cum right up Adam's back and onto his ass. Fuck it's a hot session and I'll bet these two left the shoot together and went somewhere for an intimate encore.

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