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Dean Sands arrived on Extra Big Dick's doorstep fresh from New York. He came in search of the beaches and better weather. He loves to have sex in public places and loves an adventure, so I'm sure he's already explored lots of beach sex. And this 26-year-old is popping a boner just over 8 inches long. If you like hairy legs, you're in for a treat with this New York stud. Dean has a pair of long, hairy legs, and he's got a pair of beautiful feet -- soft soles, well-manicure nails, and just a little hair on his toes. Dean loves jacking off and still does it several times a day. So when Extra Big Dicks asked him to give them a show, he was more than ready to oblige. He lies back on a painter's drop cloth and starts stroking that fat cock of his. By the time he's ready to cum, he's leaning against the wall, and he dumps a thick load all over the small patch of hairy on his belly. It's an intense orgasm and you're going to love watching it!

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