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I love Arabic men. Coffee-coloured skin, dark hair, dark soulful eyes ... they're the sexiest men on the planet, as far as I'm concerned. Alex Slater is a 30-year-old stud who might have been born in Queens, New York, but his heritage still shines through.

Alex pulls off his t-shirt and reveals a beautiful hairy chest. I love the way his hair weaves across his chest. And then there's his bald head and his two day's of face scruff ... so many contradictions, so many contours, so much to take in. This man is hot! His peels off his clothes and stands in his underwear, which strain to contain his bulging boner. He hasn't even touched his cock and he's already rock hard. Alex teases us with his hairy ass, spreading his butt cheeks and showing us a promise of things to come. (Alex mentioned in his interview that he loves Matthew Rush and having sex with him would be a total fantasy. And since Matthew Rush has appeared on Men Over 30 before - check out Fucking Matthew Rush - I have a feeling we'll be seeing this sexy Lebanese man getting boned by his favourite gay porn star.)

So Alex lies back on the couch and strokes his cock. And it's a nice piece of meat, about 7 inches long and packing some nice girth to it. Alex keeps his balls shaved and as he pumps his dick with one hand, he rubs his balls with the other. It's not long before this horny Arab is spewing a creamy load all over his belly - he even fills up his belly button!

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