Hairy Executives Fucking

Dane Hyde and Brock Hart are real-life lovers and this isn't the first time they've gotten nasty for the cameras. Each man has appeared in several scenes on various gay porn sites around the Web. But this is also the second time they've fucked on mature man site Men Over 30. (Check out the blog Daddy Boning Ass. They also did another sweaty scene for Cocksure Men called Locker Room Threesome.) In this recent scene for Men Over 30, this real-life couple are playing a couple of executives just arriving home from the office. 39-year-old Brock Hart arrives home to find Dane Hyde still in his suit and relaxing on the sofa. Brock himself is looking pretty hot in his suit and tie, so Dane jumps up to kiss him hello. They kiss, and then, Brock sits down on the sofa and unbuttons his shirt and loosens his tie. One look at that hairy chest and belly and Dane is all over his partner. He grabs Brock's crotch and leans in to lick Brock's neck, then he's sucking on his lover's nipples. The two hairy men get naked and swap blowjobs. When Brock sits back on a chair and holds his stiff dick up in the air, Dane sits down on it and makes it disappear. The two men continue fucking until Dane is finally lying on the floor - spent and covered in spunk!

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