Hairy Dream Cast Leads Cock Fight! Hairy Dream Cast Leads Cock Fight!

It doesn't get much better than this! Three hot and hairy gay porn stars being directed by a hot and hairy (former) gay porn star. We're talking about Landon Conrad (who just won this reality show), Raging Stallion exclusive Shawn Wolfe and stunning rising star Adam Ramzi all in the same movie, and it's being directed by award-winning director Steve Cruz. In a first for the studio, Cock Fight! is currently streaming on the RSS site as a series of matches among these studs (or contenders, as the press release calls them) before being released as a Monster Bang DVD. In the meantime, fans can vote online on the brutal matchups in this "battle of the sexiest." Then the contestant with the most votes gets the title of Cock Fight! Champion, and receives a cash prize, too.

"With Cock Fight! putting these power performers head-to-head and getting them into the competitive state of mind has heightened the intensity of the action," Cruz says. "My goal was to give fans a front-row seat and provide them with amazing Monster Bang sex to get involved in and cheer for. Whether you're for Team Landon, Team Shawn or Team Adam, you're going to get some of the hottest action I've shot all year."

Maybe reality show competitions are the new craze in gay porn, what with So You Think You Can Fuck and Triple X Games gaining fans. Cock Fight! continues the trend as these three scruffy dreamboats get down and dirty in four scenes--three one-on-one matches and an all-out, winner-takes-all threeway (available today)--to determine the hottest fucker in the RSS stable. According to the studio, the goal of the series is to "out-suck, out-kiss, out-rim, out-fuck and be the last man cumming in the final round." Sounds like a winner all around to us! For more information, visit Raging Stallion. And to cast your vote for the Cock Fight! Champion, click here.

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