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David Teal has made a few videos for Hot Older Male. This hairy daddy bear has filmed a solo jerk-off video and an outdoor sex scene with a hairy muscle man. David is a 55-year-old daddy who hails from Seattle, and he's taken some time off to film some more scenes for Hot Older Male is San Francisco.

David is a handsome man with a sexy goatee. His beard is mostly reddish-brown, but it's showing a little wear and tear with some streaks of grey along his chin. This daddy bear has a beefy and solid body and he's covered in fur.

David also has a meaty cock swinging between his legs and he loves wearing a ball stretcher. He loves how this leather strap makes his balls feel good. And even though David is a top man, he rears his butt for the camera and gives us a look at his furry ass crack. I like him best sitting back on the couch with his stiff hard-on standing straight up in the air. What cocksucker wouldn't like to kneel between his legs and nurse on his big bear cock?

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