What is it about a hairy muscled man that makes him so irresistable? How about the contrast of one hairy man and one smooth man - together, lip-locked and groping in a loving embrace? HAIRY BOYZ presents Francois and Huessein. Huessein is the hairy bloke. Francois, with his sinewy, gym-worked bod is the smoother babe. What a beautiful site it is to see such masculine, virile men adoring each other in a sweet, lingering kiss. But wait...this is nothing. Let's take a peek in on these beasts and watch as they devour one another like it's their last meal.


It looks as though Francois just can't keep himself away from Huessein's invitingly hard cock. And it looks as though the frenchman is doing a fine job on the huge penis, as Huessein closes his eyes and goes for a ride on his lover's mouth. There's nothing like having a hard, hairy well-hung man spread out before you, guiding your head down onto his thick man tool.


Oh, I guess it's that time when the urge to stuff his engorged member into a small opening has come upon Huessein. Check out that sweet fuck hole! Oh man. I want to be sucking on that opening while our hairy lead-man stuffs his phallus home for the count.


Yeah, that's right Francois, you just lay back and take that monster like a good boy should. What a fantastic site! Damn, I want some of that. These blog entries get me so fucking hot. Don't worry folks, this isn't the end of this episode. Check out the free movie gallery and see the "real-meal-deal" with these guys. I'm telling you right now you're going to cum all over yourself in no time watching these clips. Get on over there and release the day's tensions. What have you got to lose except for some jizz?

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