Hairy Bear

It's Christmas in July. Scott Armstrong of Bear Films dons a Santa hat, trying to cool us down with thoughts of Christmas. But he's not giving us much relief. With these scorching summer temperatures and high humidity, I'm just getting more sweaty looking at this hot, hairy bear. Sitting back naked with this beefy thighs spread, Scott is showing off his fat cock. And what a perfect view. It's like you're down on your knees and staring up at his hairy torso, getting ready to swallow that fat dick. His shaved and tight ball sac looks tempting and would probably enjoy a tongue bath. And those pierced nipples are probably quite sensitive. I imagine that Scott would love having you play with them while you're swallowing his cock deep into your throat. And when he shoots his load, he spews great gobs of cum up the length of his hairy belly. He sure didn't do the trick in cooling me down, but he did give me a couple of ideas to add to my Christmas list. The question is: does a big, hairy bear fit under the Christmas tree?

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