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Nick Forte is one sexy stud. He's the kind of man that you'd love to wake up beside after a hot night of sweaty sex; nuzzling your face in the nape of his neck, you linger on the smell his musky armpits. At 38, Nick spends a fair bit of time in the gym keeping his hot hairy body in excellent shape. He likes being with low-maintenance men -- naturally hairy, no deodorant or cologne, and a little rough around the edges. As one would expect, he's very active and loves outdoor activities: biking, running, beach yoga, Pilates, etc. And unfortunately for us, Nick isn't a one-night stand type of guy. He admits that he's too conservative for the pick up and run kind of scene. Instead he lives vicariously through his friends and often beats off fantasizing about random anonymous encounters at the gym or beach with hot guys. But he just doesn't have the nerve. He's no prude either, and recounts stories about having threesomes with his first boyfriend, who was a Marine. When Nick would come and stay with his boyfriend, they'd often have a threeway with one his lover's Marine buddies. And Nick certainly isn't shy in his Men Over 30 video. He jacks his big cock, massgaes his butt hole, and shoots a milky load all over his hairy belly. Woof!

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