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David Chase is a sexy bald stud who recently took his clothes off for Men Over 30. David loves having sex, but he doesn't consider himself straight or gay. More of a bisexual, but he really shuns labels of any kind. He just likes doing what feels good and goes with the flow. David has just turned 30, and he stands 6'3" and weighs in at a solid 200 pounds. He's a hot, hunk of man. He opens his video by working out a bit in his jockstrap. He does some dips and leg stretches and his jockstrap strains to contain his generous bulge. Finally, this hairy guy sheds to jockstrap and releases his stiffening cock. It's a beauty, nice and meaty! David sits back in a chair and wraps his hand around his cock. It's not long before it's rock hard and aching for release. David moves to the couch and sprawls across its length, giving us a nice look at his solid, hairy body. And he grips his cock hard, stroking it furiously. And man, can this guy shoot! That big dick of his launches a couple of creamy missles that sail right past his hairy belly and land smack in the middle of his hairy chest. I love a flying cumshot!

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