Blonde Hunk

Slade comes to us from Mormon land. He's 30 years old and lives in Salt Lake City. Slade has a hot body. He works out every day and skies often. In fact, he tries to have a good time every day and it sure pays off. His cock is only 7.5 inches long - it looks a lot longer, it sure does hang heavily. Must be that big nob weighing everything down. Slade has really strong shoulders, in fact, his whole upper body is hot - chiseled pecs, strong biceps, and a lean and firm abdomen. But the thing I like the most about Slade is his lower half, and I'm not talking about his cock. Slade has a beautiful ass and a strong pair of legs. And the thing I really love is that he's hairy. I love blonde men who are covered in hair, it's so sexy. Slades ass and thighs are both covered in golden blonde hair and it looks so hot. When he's lying on his belly, you just want to crawl between those beefy thighs and start snaking your tongue between those hairy butt cheeks. In this video, Slade leans against the wall and jacks off right there on the floor. He dumps a huge pool of this splooge all over his smooth belly.

Long Cock

Hairy Ass

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