Don't you love Arab men. They're always so hairy. And their facial features are dark and brooding -- deep, soulful eyes; dark facial hair; hot, kissable lips -- I love them. Sarib here is a hairy Arab man who made his appearance in Raging Stallion Studios' DVD Arabesque, and now he's making a solo appearance on Hairy Boyz in this photo set. Sarib's a good-looking man, sizzling actually. His body is slender and very hairy. He starts off his gallery shirtless and wearing a pair of jeans. When he strips those off he's wearing a pair of white boxer briefs. The white underwear contrasts against his dark and hairy skin and he looks so sexy. And his hard cock is stretching the fabric and creating a delicious bulge. When Sarib finally pulls off his underwear he reveals an absolutely gorgeous cock -- long with a healthy set of loose hanging balls. And Sarib's thighs are thick and hairy. He's an all-around hot package. Check him out!

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