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Ray Daniels said a lot of his friends tried convincing him to shave his chest, claiming that he'd never get anywhere - either in finding a boyfriend or breaking into porn - until he shed his chest hair. Thankfully, he paid no mind to all of those naysayers. There's nothing worse than a hairy man who shaves his body unless you're a swimmer and headed for the Olympics. Making his second appearance on Men Over 30, Ray Daniels has short-cropped hair with a sexy 5-o'clock shadow. He is currently single, but he's open to more with someone who doesn't mind his very hairy chest. Hello?! Where's the line? Chris Stevens has also made a couple of gay porn videos and he's happy to be paired up with this hairy-chested hunk. Ray takes his shirt off and lies back on the sofa while Chris rubs his hands through all that thick chest hair. And then Chris fishes out Ray's cock and starts working it over with his mouth. The two guys swap blowjobs for a while and even spent some time watching one another jack off. I'm pretty sure Chris is going to get his ass boned - you know, first one down on his knees rule. But no! It's Ray who offers up his hairy butt for a hard pounding. And Chris fucks Ray's ass all over that room until the hairy hunk finally creams his fist.

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