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Have you ever been in gym with a small group of guys and you can feel the sexual energy. None of you knows one another, but you've watched one another work out before. And now today you're alone in the gym, just the five of you. Strained grunts and the smell of musk fill the air. You're all wondering if it's possible to get it on together right there in the gym. Who is going to make the first move? In this week's video, Next Door Buddies explores this fantasy. Mason Wyler and Anthony are working out together, spotting one another while doing chest presses. The other guys are working out on various machines. When Anthony starts admiring his muscled and tattooed body in the mirror, he's got everyone's attention. And Johnny T comes over to the mirror and they start flexing and checking one another out. From across the room, Mason Wyler starts encouraging them to strip out of their workout clothes and show off their bodies ... it all goes downhill from there! The other guys start moving in and before you know it hands are fondling bulges. Mason Wyler is the first one down on his knees in this group grope, but he won't be the last. And these guys use all the machines in the gym as they suck one another's cocks and fuck ass. This scene inspires a whole new way of working off those calories!

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