Out of every photo set there is usually just one or two pictures that really stand out. This is the one from Pierce's Next Door Male shoot. Pierce is a 21-year-old, full-time student and part-time. clothing model. But I think he looks better without clothes; at least here when he's showing off his great ass. I mean just look at those two big, round mounds of flesh. They're just begging to be spread by a pair of strong, masculine hands. Delicious. And he's got a couple of really thick thighs to back those butt cheeks up. I'm definitely a leg and ass man; I love a nice, strong pair of thighs and well-formed butt. Pierce's legs aren't overly hairy, and his butt is completely smooth; in fact, this straight guy keeps his balls and butt hole shaved smooth. Hmmm ... I wonder where he learned how to do that. In this vdieo clip, Pierce starts off jacking off in the kitchen, then he takes a shower to cool things down a bit, and then, he finally moves to the bedroom. He jacks off pretty furiously until his whole body begins to shake and quiver. He shoots quite the impressive load all over his smooth belly, and then, he nods off for a little power nap.

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