Getting Hot and Rough In The Lockerroom

Have you ever encounters a hot guy standing in front of a urinal with a huge hard-on? Well Lance Luciano has. He was lucky enough to encounter Joseph Rough sporting the rock hard erection. It happened when Lance was exiting the shower. There was Joseph in all his glory. Not wanting to waste a second, Lance got on his knees and began to suck Joseph off.

Lance is so hard that he needs to relieve his cock a different way. He tosses Joseph around and begins to pound his ass hard. After awhile Lance wants to get sucked off again. Positions are changed and Lance begins to fuck Joseph mouth with his cock. Joseph's skills as a cocksucker must be good, because Lance is ready to cum. He switches holes and begins to pump Joseph's ass. Pounding away until he shoots his hot load inside of Joseph. Minutes later Joseph produces his own load, and the both of them are covered in cum and sweat. What's next for these two? The showers for some more fun!

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