Gay Sex Positions Pics gives examples of the various and sundry ways males can enjoy males sexually. We include this informative site because, frankly, there may be ways of getting it on we have not all discovered yet. This is not specifically a hot porn site at all. Just the same, it might be worth a browse simply to find novel and as-yet-untried positions with a partner. There are some killer names for positions, such as The Lazy Thinker, The Athlete, Sitting Bull and, my favorite, The Acrobat. Curiously, I once read a book with a partner about the possibilities of sex and discovered such revelations as mouth-fucking, which, it turns out to probably no one reading's surprise, is quite popular, and from both ends, as it were. There is something worthwhile about seeing a wider audience's appreciation and understanding of what is "permitted" or even interesting, posed in such a clinical sort of way. This is an ultimately boring place. The actors perform dressed in swim suits, no cocks allowed. And yet, I have to think something as apparently lame as this can educate one to what is possible. And that constitutes a worthwhile visit - even if only once.

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