Gang Banging Paddy O'Brian Gang Banging Paddy O'Brian

Paddy O'Brian started taking dick up his ass about a year ago when Topher Di Maggio screwed him in a scene. Since then, Paddy has gotten fucked a few more times, but not excessively so -- he still needs to maintain that power-top persona -- and I actually preferred his second time with Gabriel Calrk. But in the last episode of P.O.W. Paddy takes things to the next level and gets gang banged.

In the first episode of's P.O.W. Paddy O'Brian and Spanish cutie and newcomer Allen King were running from someone and they stopped for the night at a bombed out bus, a perfect place to hide and fuck. In the second episode, we learn that they were being chased by Damien Crosse and his gang of renegade soldiers -- Alex Brando and Gabriel Vanderloo -- and after some interrogation, Brando fucks Paddy in the second scene, then Paddy fucks Gabriel in the third.

When the final episode opens Brando and Vanderloo have captive soldier King on his knees and they're stuffing his mouth with their big dicks -- Vanderloo's is 8.5 inches, but it looks so much longer -- and their commander (Damien Cross) watches. Paddy breaks in and demands they stop and Damien tells him he can offer up his ass for gang banging and they'll leave his precious young soldier alone.

So Paddy bends over and takes Vanderloo's big dick first, then he gets Brando's cock. And before giving Paddy his own thick cock, Damien makes King fuck his superior's ass. So four dicks up his ass in one scene. So I wonder what's next for Paddy O'Brian. I wonder if they're ever get the straight hunk to put a cock in his mouth ... finally.

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