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Robert is 23 years old, good-looking, ripped, and very well hung. And he did his first jerk-off video for Sean Cody a few weeks back. He's got a beautifully big cock and it hangs heavily between his legs. Robert was well aware that guys don't just jerk off for Sean Cody, so when he was finished his solo video, he asked ever so politely how a guy would go about doing more than jacking off. And by more, Robert meant getting his ass fucked. Around Sean Cody, all you have to do is ask and the porn producer is only too happy to make it happen.

Jeffrey is a 21-year-old military stud who has done quite a bit of fucking on Sean Cody. But he's also jerked off, fingered his butt hole, and gotten his own ass fucked. He has also played with butt plugs. And he was happy to help Sean Cody usher Robert through his first guy-on-guy ass fucking.

There wasn't a lot of foreplay in this session. Jeffrey bent Robert over and inched his big cock into Robert's hairy ass. Jeffrey pounded Robert's hole and opened him up pretty good. But then something truly amazing happened: Jeffrey stopped fucking Robert, slipped a butt plug up his own ass, sat down on the chair and invited Robert to sit back down on his big, stiff dick. Robert rode Jeffrey's hard cock, and with each thrust pushed Jeffrey's butt plug against the stud's prostate and drove him nuts. It's an exciting ass fucking session, and these two horny studs shoot a couple of hot, creamy loads all over each other. I sure hope that Sean Cody will have Robert back to fuck some ass with that huge cock of his. In the meantime, you're going to love this first-timer video.

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