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Jess is a good-looking straight guy with a big dick and an easy-going attitude. He's a true exhibitionist. He once fucked his girlfriend on the subway, and on another occasion he watched a Marine fuck his girlfriend in a hostel. In his short time at Sean Cody, he's fucked four guys already. Jamie is number five.

"You're gonna be riding a pretty big cock today, what do you think about that?" Sean Cody asked Jamie. "We'll see how it goes," Jamie answered. "When I tend to take a big penis, I get to where I'm about to pass out ... depending on the speed and pressure."

In all his sessions, Jess hasn't sucked dick. So Sean Cody thought it would be a good time to take Jess's guy-on-guy sex experiences to a new level. The guys started making out and stripping out of their clothes. Jamie pushed Jess's head down and Jess swallowed Jamie's entire, hard cock - not bad for a first timer.

Jamie took his turn on Jess's huge cock and almost deep throated the whole thing. When he couldn't take any more of Jess's cock down his throat, he straddled Jess on the sofa and sat on it. Once Jamie was comfortable, Jess flipped Jamie over on the floor and drilled him. These two hot guys fucked all over the room. Jamie shot his load while Jess was still jack hammering his ass, and then, he wiped his cum on Jess' cock like lube. Jess fucked Jamie some more and finally blasted his load all over Jamie's face! I'd say Jamie did quite well taking Jess's big cock.

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