fucking in the shower

Jeff is a 21-year-old college guy who did his first jerk-off session for Sean Cody a few weeks back. He's handsome and athletic and he's packing a huge cock between his legs, although he admits that he's more of a grower than a shower - it's 8.5 to 9 inches when completely hard. He told Sean Cody that he always wanted to do a porn flick.

Allen is also new to Sean Cody, but he's already done a jerk-off video and gotten his ass fucked in another one. He's 19 years old and he's going to college on a wrestling scholarship. (I blogged here about Allen in Cute Well-Hung Stud.)

Jeff is about to get his ass fucked for the first time, and Sean Cody says that he can usually feel the tension and nervousness in the moments before he turns on the camera. Allen and Jeff are joking around a bit while they wait. But with this duo, Jeff wasn't nervous; he was anticipating it. When Sean Cody asked Jeff how he was feeling, he said,"I'm pretty excited. I'm ready," And then Allen piped in with some advice, "Don't resist. Just let it slide in and it will be good."

The guys headed into the shower and started kissing. Then Allen got down on his knees and sucked Jeff's cock. He was surprised at how big it got. Allen lay back on the tiled floor and Jeff sucked his cock, bearing his tight asshole to the camera. Then Jeff mounted his buddy and started inching Allen's big cock into his virgin ass. Jeff's big, semi-hard cock lies across Allen's six pack as Jeff rocks back and forth on Allen's big tool.

The guys fuck in the shower for a few minutes, then they head to the bedroom where Allen can really pound Jeff's ass on the bed. If you like seeing straight guys taking a bone for the first time, you're going to love this one. I just can't wait to see who Sean Cody is going to get Jeff to fuck next.

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