fucking in the gym

One of the things I like best about Sean Cody is the acrobatic sex sessions. You can always count on Sean Cody to get his guys into the most interesting fucking positions. Max and Mitch are fucking in the gym, and their creative use of the workout equipment has me wishing that my personal trainer was this imaginative.

Max is a hot straight guy who is getting more and more comfortable exploring his sexuality. This good-looking guy, with his sexy sideburns, has gotten his ass fucked three times on Sean Cody - this is his fourth. And he's paired up with Mitch, a 25-year-old, banker, who is also straight.

They started making out on the weight bench and quickly serviced one another in a 69 cocksucking position. They're both pretty well hung, so it's hot watching them slobber all over each other's cocks. Max started sucking Mitch's balls and munching on his ass. They they moved over to the ab bench, and Mitch bent Max over and inched his hard cock inside his buddy's ass. Max is a hairy guy and as soon as they started fucking, sweat soaked his furry ass, legs and chest! I particularly liked watching Mitch's stiff cock sliding into Max's hairy fuck hole. After a vigorous fuck session, the guys jerk off together and Max ends up covered in spunk. One final kissing session before these two football hunks head for the showers. Hot!

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