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Hot House brings us another hot fuck scene where both men take turns fucking each other. I love versatile men; they're the most fun. Kai Ford is caught red handed by Ethan Wolfe in a deserted alley with his hard dick in his hands. The two start making out and before long they're out of their clothes and going at it. Ethan wastes no time getting down on his knees and swallowing Kai's big dick. And with his ass arched in the air Ethan is making his intentions known. Kai lines his stiff dick against Ethan's rosebud and starts inching his dick deep inside his new-found friend's ass. When Ethan's ass has been satisfied, he takes a turn plugging Kai's tight puckered hole. Kai creams Ethan's ass, and then, Ethan lies back and strokes his meat while Kai gets in close to watch Ethan's dick explode all over the stud's six pack abs.

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