All-American butch bear Mick Powers is bottoming for super-buffed Turkish sensation Huessein, who is with out doubt one of hairiest men in gay porn today. They're featured together in an action gallery at Hairy Boyz this week, but Huessein is also featured in a solo gallery of his own. Frankly, I'm a little over Huessein, I've seen a lot of him. But Mick Powers, well I could stand to look at a whole lot more of him -- he's fucking beautiful. A hot, mature man, with a full, sexy beard, and a very well-built body. I love his shoulders -- hard, round, and sculpted like a Greek statue. But I think I love Mick Powers's big, beefy thighs the best. When he's on his knees, with his ass waiting for Huessein's cock, his massive thighs just look so hot. Like who wouldn't like to have those wrapped around their head in a nude wrestling match. And his ass, fuck, I can see why Huessein really gets into eating it for a long time before he fucks it.

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