I love watching fucking close up. It's so hot watching a big, fat cock pushing it's way into a cock-hungry ass. Sometimes they slide right in, but sometimes a guy's ass fights back. And that's when you test the strength of a man's hard-on. If it's good and hard, it'll push right through. This close up fucking picture is taken from Rear Stable's latest update featuring Carlos Morales, Justin Christopher, and Remy Delaine. Carlos Morales is off-camera in this shot, but that's Justin Christopher's big uncut cock poking into Remy Delaine's furry ass hole. I love how Remy Delaine's long uncut cock is just hanging there, completely covered in foreskin. Man I do love that boy's cock. He's largely getting fucked on camera, but there have been a few times where I've seen him porking another guy's butt, and in fact, at the end of this gallery, he does stuff that big uncut cock of his up Justin's ass. But for most of the gallery, Remy is the cock hungry middle in this big dick sandwich, taking Justin's cock up his ass and swallowing Carlos Morales's huge tool at the same time.

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