Fucking Ass

Well, this is a historic day. Next Door Buddies Samuel is back, but this time he isn't bottoming. Samuel is usually assigned to cock sucker duty at Next Door Male where he services many of the first-time straight men who cruise through. But this week he's pair up with a cute and hairy cub named Jessie. He's solid with a hairy chest and belly. When the video begin, Jessie is lying of the floor naked. He's on his stomach and reaching around with a nice-sized dildo and sliding it between his butt cheeks. Jessie's ass is quite plump and hairy - very fuckable. And when Samual walks into the room, he grabs the dildo out of Jessie's hand and then falls on top of him, kissing him passionately. After swapping blowjobs, Jessie starts making out like he wants to gets fucked, and Samuel hops on and obliges. I was really surprised because I thought Samuel was a confirmed bottom. But I guess I forgot that maybe Samuel's been playing a role just to satisfy all these straight guys. After fucking Jessie's ass, Samuel lies down and Jessie slides his hard cock between Samuel's cheeks until he's ready to explode, and then, he cums all over Samuel's ass.

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