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Brodie is leaving quite the mark on Next Door Buddies. He made his first appearance on Next Door Male in a jack off video, and a few weeks later, he was fucking his first guy on Next Door Buddies. A couple of weeks later, he was pumping his fat cock in a side-by-side jack off session with another straight guy. And this week, Brodie is back and he's fucking Samuel, the Next Door Buddies designated bottom. And Brodie is relaxing a bit more with each session. In this video the two are just waking up from a nap together, and Brodie wakes up first, rubbing his rock hard morning wood against Samuel's ass. And you don't have to poke Samuel twice, he rolls over and swallows Brodie's jhard fat cock. When he's had his fill of morning cock, he turns around and arches his ass in the air. Brodie gets behind Samuel and slides his thick cock into his cock-hungry ass. And Samuel is insatiable. At one point he jumps up on the bed, leans against the wall and says, "Come on, fuck me!" Brodie does more than that, he slaps his ass while fucking Samuel hard. When Brodie wants to blow his wad, he crawls on top of Samuel and fucks his mouth until he's ready to explode. And then, this straight boy dumps a big load all over Samuel's chest.

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